A Report

Tuna Fishing on Stellwagon is showing no signs of slowing down, as a matter of fact it is really picking up. This time of year the fish are really on the feed as they need to pack on weight for their long winter migration. The weather is our biggest obstacle, as the days to get out there are limited, but well worth it when we can make the trip.

Wednesday (Oct 21) we took my friend Chis who is the computer guru at the SaltwaterEdge out to find his first tuna. Set up at PHill to start, but got a cell call from another charterboat that was on a good bite a few miles to the north. Got up there, but unfortunately the show was over by the time we arrived- happens.
Dead till slack, worked back down the bar, and then as soon as the tide stopped the life started again. Baited two pods, not joy on the first, but on the second we had fish up on both long riggers. Port got tight and Chris did a nice job on his first tuna. Only about 75lbs, but a perfect first fish.
Broke out the spinning rods for the run home, and got a couple shots with the seadogs right tight to the beach, but no love — all in all, a fun easy day.

Thursday we had a real short weather window, but got out there early right to the #’s of Wednesdays morning bite. Plan worked, got tight immediately as I was putting the 3rd rig in. Cool hit as the fish took an 18″ squid bar right in the wash. 54-55″ nice and round.
Got the spread back out, and the fish went wild busting around the boat, and we had a whole bunch up in the spread. Got bit with a good one -got down into the backing a ways on the first run, but we came unbuttoned — Stuff happens. Good crew, good time.
Took off when the wind came up, and we were sitting at the bar in Hemispheres in time for lunch.

Fun couple of stress free days. Back there on the next weather window, unless the chatham bite gets going again, and then I’m packing a lunch.

The tuna should be here in good numbers until mid-November, and even then there will be some fish around after everyone stops looking for them.

Good luck out there,

Captain Don and the Laura-Jay Crew