Types of Charters

 Striped Bass and Bluefish

May begins the Striped Bass season – these are one of the most sought after gamefish on the East Coast, and Cape Cod Bay is without a doubt the premiere location to target these fish. Trophy stripers provide great action for either ½ of full day trips. We employ several techniques including Jigging, Live Bait, Slow Trolling, Bunker Spoons and Tube and Worm. Hard fighting Bluefish are often in the same areas as the Stripers and add to the fun. Stripers and Blues stay in our waters though October and are the mainstay of the Cape Cod Charter fleet.  Striper trips are a great time for both novice and experienced anglers.

We avoid Wire line as much as possible – 90% of our fishing is done with lead-core line, with the tube and worm method.  This is a much more enjoyable way to fish, and allows all anglers to catch large stripers! 

School Tuna

School Bluefin have made a tremendous resurgence in our area over the last few seasons and give our customers a great opportunity to battle with these prized fish. We employ  50 lb Fin-Nor lever drag stand up tackle, as well as heavy duty spinning tackle when targeting tuna. “Footballs” as their often called, range from 50 – 250 lb and are and are in peak season from Mid June – November.  This is the ultimate in Stand-up Fishing.  Without question, Cape Cod Bay offers the best Bluefin Tuna fishing on the East Coast – we are often fishing for 200lb fish, stand-up, within sight of shore and less than an hours run from home! 

Giant Tuna

Giant Bluefin Tuna are the largest and hardest fighting of all fish in the ocean. The Giants generally arrive in mid-July, with August, September, and early October being peak season. We are fully rigged with the highest quality 130 lb tackle to challenge these great fish. Besides their shear size and fighting ability, Bluefin Tuna are also prized as high quality sushi. Fish over 73” are retained and sold by the captain. 1/3 of the proceeds from the sale are then returned to the booking party allowing the charter to share in the profits. The Laura-Jay is fully equipped with the highest quality Big-Game tackle to give you the best chance of landing a Giant. We recommend these trips for experienced anglers only.

Shark Fishing

The waters North and East of Cape Cod abound with a variety of large sharks.  Mako, Threasher, Porbeagle, and Blue Sharks are common in the months of August, September, and October.  Blue Sharks are by far the most common, and tend to run larger in this area than anywhere else on the east coast with many each day over 300lbs.   

Cod and Haddock

Our season begins each year April 15th with the beginning of the Spring Codfish run on Stellwagon Bank. Cod are available in our waters all season long, and are a great eating fish. Along with Cod; Haddock, Pollack, and Redfish make for make for outstanding bottom fishing. Offshore Cod trips can also be combined with Tuna Fishing in the summer and fall and we can often jig up a box of Cod while drifting for Sharks or Tuna.  Cod trips are Full day Offshore Trips.

Our Goal aboard the Laura-Jay is for our customers to relax, have a great time, and catch lots of fish. We want our customers go home happy, with plenty of stories, and return each year as old friends. Whether you are a novice or experienced angler, we will do everything possible to ensure you have a memorable trip.

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