New Website!

Hi everyone,

This week we’re launching our new website for the 2010 fishing season.  Many thanks to Mike Grimm from SFC Designs for the great work that he’s done for us.

This newer site is not only more modern looking, but is designed to be completely interactive.  In the past, we have not exactly been diligent (monster understatement) in keeping up with the fishing reports.  Even though I’ve always said if we’re out catching fish, we probably don’t have time to play with the computer – we’re going to change that for this season.  This new site will not only let us make quick updates on the reports, but also publish pictures, videos, and a series of instructional articles as well. 

We’re looking forward to a great 2010 and really having some fun with the new functionality that this site will give us.

Good Luck out there,

Captain Don