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Test Post / Winter

Posted on January 31st, 2017 by captain

It’s snowing here on Cape Cod, so it seemed like a good time to work on the website.  In season, please check our Facebook page for updates as it easier to update with quick pics and messages.  That said, we won’t be updating it that often as we’ve come to realize over the last couple of seasons that many boats were using our Facebook posts as a way to stay on the fish and follow us on the water.  We’ve got no problem helping other boats, just stop by the boat or buy us a beer 🙂 instead of cyber-stalking.

May Cape Cod Bay Striper Report

Posted on June 4th, 2012 by captain

May Striper fishing was nothing short of fantastic, and June has the potential to be one of the best months ever.  Cape Cod Bay has been absolutely loaded with Mackeral, Herring, Squid, and Sandeels, and it seems as if you can walk on the 32″-38″ Stripers that are chasing them.

Our “worst” trip so far this season had 10 keepers plus shorts, and we’ve had numerous trips with 20 and 30+ keepers.  I don’t know how long the mackeral will stay, but the normal trip has consisted of filling the livewell with macs and then using every single one for Bass.  While the livelining has been fun, we’ve also been doing very well vertical jigging with 12 lb spinnig outfits – 38″ bass on light tackle has been an absolute blast.

While the numbers of Stripers have been outstanding, June is the month when we start to see the real big girls.  The CC Canal and Buzzards Bay have been holding some real cows.  As this moon passes, look for the real bigs to migrate into the Bay.  The next two weeks should have some serious fish.

Good luck out there.

Quick May Cape Cod Bay fishing report

Posted on May 12th, 2012 by captain

Cape Cod Bay is absolutely filled with Mackeral.  I think it might actually be possible to walk on them from the Canal all the way to Green Harbor.  With that, there are serious #’s of  Stripers in all the early season spots. 

Cod fishing was solid on our trips this week as well with a good mix of cod, haddock and redfish.  The Herring and Mackeral are stacked 25-30ft off the bottom on the SW Corner.  If the water temps stay down, we are setting up for an incredible opening to the Tuna season on June 1.

2012 Update

Posted on May 7th, 2012 by captain

Well, looks like we did a terrible job of updating the site with 2011 fishing reports.  I did try to keep up with the Facebook site, as that is alot easier to log on and post photos, so that worth a look if you want to see what we’ve been up to. 

That said, 2011 was a fantastic season for Big Stripers in Cape Cod Bay. 


Always Kiss the Big Stripers

Cape Cod Fishing Charters Report

Posted on July 16th, 2011 by captain

Still haven’t had time to really catch up on reports, but this one deserves its own post. 

Sunday, July 10th – Captain Don decided that he had run charters too many days in a row and needed a day off.  So he went to church and took his Grand-sons fishing at 9:30.  Great Day on the water.  His daughter Laura caught a few nice keepers, and Grand-son Jack (age 8  ) caught a few as well including his biggest fish to date – a 27.5 lb 45″ Striped-Bass. 

Could very well been our favorite trip of the season.

Cape Cod Bay Striped-Bass Report

Posted on July 12th, 2011 by captain

Well, Striper Fishing in the Bay has been outstanding.  Too tired to do a good job of updating the site regularly – but that’s a good thing.  We’ve been fishing nearly every day for the last month and a half, and Cape Cod Bay has treated our customers very, very well.  Will try to keep up with the pics and reports – check out our Facebook page as that is often easier and quicker to update.

Good luck out there.

Captain Don

Cape Cod Fishing Report

Posted on June 15th, 2011 by captain

June Striper fishing in Cape Cod Bay has been outstanding.  Save one afternoon trip with a nasty east wind, it has pretty well been limits and lots of releases on a daily basis.  We have been splitting our time fairly evenly between Billingsgate Shoal and Provincetown, as both areas are holding tremendous numbers of fish.  The middle of the bay has also been productive, as one afternoon we found acres of migrating Stripers on Top near the Fishing Ledge.  While most of our fishing has been trolling, we haven’t even had to break out the wire rigs once this year.  We’ve also seen far more surface feeding fish than usual, and have been able to break out the spinning gear on many occasions.  Monday, there were hoards of Bass on top,  and seemed like they were fighting each other for 9″ sluggos on top. 

There are no guarantees in fishing, but this is pretty darn nice right now..

Good luck,

-Captain Don

Spooling 50’s for Bluefin Tuna and the Oh Sh*t Mark

Posted on May 20th, 2010 by captain

I spent some time on the linewinder at the shop the other day getting ready for tuna season, so I thought I would share how I spooled up.

My caveat as always with these things – this is how I do it, there are lots of right ways, this is just what I’ve found to work well on the Laura-Jay.

First I spooled 2 Fin-Nor Santiago 50’s – these are the 50 standards, not the wides. Each reel took 450 yards of 130lb Jerry Brown Hollow core, this is connected via 7ft of chinese finger cuff spice to 100 yard top shots of Momoi Daimond 80lb line (Brillinat Blue). 130 JB is cheaper and easier to spice than the 80 and capacity isn’t an issue.

Next I spooled 2 Fin-Nor 50 Wides – I also spooled each of these with 450 yards of JB 130, but I put a significantly longer top-shot (approx 300 yds) of the 80 lb Diamond (Daimond significantly overtests, so I think of this as essentially 100lb mono). With the extra capacity, these are generally my long rigger rods – the standards have Plenty of capacity, but I like to put each rod in the same position in the spread each day.

Finally, I rigged my Kite Rod – this isn’t this line that controls the kite, rather a separate 50W combo used just for fishing the live bait. Braid flies much easier than mono (less wind resistance) – so I set up 1 50 Wide just for this.
I backed the reel with approx 400 yds of 80 lb Cortland Dacron, and then top-shoted the reel with 300 yards of JB 130lb braid (connected via loop to loop – with slices on each end). The terminal end of the line has a spliced loop where I can change short wind on leaders (30′) and then crimp on my hook for the bait.

I’ve got a couple more to do, but that was enough for 1 day.

Finally the picture is what I call the O Sh*t mark – I constantly hear stories of people “getting spooled” – but in reality it just doesn’t happen very often. Many anglers, (myself included) start getting nervous when they see the spool getting thin with a hot fish running off – but we normally have a heck of alot more capacity than we think.
So the Oh- Sh*t mark is simply a 6 foot section on line colored in with black sharpie – marked off 100 yards from the end of the spool. If you see this, time for some evasive maneuvers – but you still have room to save the day.

Hope that helped somebody getting ready for the season.


We are in the Water.

Posted on April 15th, 2010 by captain

And all is right in the world….

Captain Don launched the Laura-Jay on Saturday and the 2010 fishing season is officially underway.  We are rigging up this week, and then traveling up to Green Harbor for the first few weeks of Cod season.  First Cod Charter is Sunday the 18th with another group coming in for some Patriots day fishing on the 19th.  Should be a great start to the season, as our commercial friends that have been working the bank have been giving great reports of cod and haddock as well as huge schools of sandeels and an impressive early season whale show.

Looking forward to a great start to the 2010 season, and some tasty cod fillets.

Good luck out there,

Capt. Jay Cianciolo

Spring Codfishing Dates

Posted on February 27th, 2010 by captain

Cod Season opens on Stellwagon this season April 15.
This season we will running trips out of Green Harbor, in Marshfield Ma April 15- May 7th. We have done this many other seasons, and we find it an easier location for the early part of the season. By the second week of May the Cod are down on the Southern End of the Bank and Peaked Hill, so our home port of Sandwich is closest to the grounds. Limits for this season will be 10 Cod per person, plus Captain and crew for a total of 80 Fish per day (based on a full 6 passengers) – customers are also allowed unlimited Haddock and Pollack as well as the usual mix of cusk, redfish, and wolffish. All custom tackle, bait, rigs, jigs, and filleting are included as always.
Can’t wait, this winter has been way too long!!